#rju (sw-77)


jackd utilities

jack-dlload dsp algorithms from shared libraries
jack-oscjack <-> open sound control (osc) daemon
jack-playresampling soundfile playback
jack-plumbingplumbing daemon
jack-recordsoundfile recording
jack-scopeplain X oscilloscope
jack-transportminimalist ncurses jack transport
jack-udpjack over udp client (obsolete, see netjack)

To build type:

make prefix=~/opt all install

Documentation is in asciidoc format, which is more or less interoperable with markdown. To build type:

for i in *.ad ; do asciidoc $i; done

© rohan drape, 2003–2014, gpl. with contributions by:

  • jeremy hall

see the darcs history for details

jack utilities
darcs get http://rd.slavepianos.org/sw/rju [README,dir,log]