#hsc3-rw (sw-128)

hsc3-rw - hsc3 re-writing

hsc3-rw provides re-writing functions for use with hsc3.

  • Sound.SC3.RW.HA re-writes #@ notation with hash of line and column numbers
  • Sound.SC3.RW.HP re-writes #() notation
  • Sound.SC3.RW.ID re-writes single character uniqueness identifiers
  • Sound.SC3.RW.PSynth re-writes both uparam and psynth notations
  • Sound.SC3.RW.Tag tags numeric literals with identifiers.

© rohan drape, 2013–2014, gpl.

hsc3 re-writing
hsc3, hosc
darcs get http://rd.slavepianos.org/sw/hsc3-rw [README,dir,log]
cabal install hsc3-rw