#hsc3-graphs (sw-106)


haskell supercollider (hsc3) graphs

hsc3-graphs is a collection of illustrative unit generator graphs for hsc3.

Graphs credits are on the first line of each file, and are courtesy:

  • James McCartney (jmcc, 92)
  • Rohan Drape (rd, 70)
  • Fredrik Olofsson (f0, 25)
  • Julian Rohrhuber (jrhb, 7)
  • Jonatan Liljedahl (jl, 6)
  • Nathaniel Virgo (nv, 4)
  • Alberto De Campo (adc, 3)
  • Nick Collins (nc, 3)
  • Alex McLean (am, 1)
  • Andrea Valle (av, 1)
  • Jacob Joaquin (jj, 1)
  • Josh Parmenter (jp, 1)
  • Juan A. Romero (jar, 1)
  • Lance J. Putnam (ljp, 1)
  • Ryan Brown (rb, 1)
  • Sam Pluta (sp, 1)
  • Till Bovermann (tb, 1)
  • Thor Magnusson (tm, 1)

In most cases the sclang variants have been re-written prior to transliteration to haskell.

The graphs can be compiled into a library by typing make mk-lib and built by typing cabal install.

There is a Makefile at gr, type make dep; make all.


  • cabal install hscolour
  • cabal install she

© rohan drape and others, 2006–2014, gpl

haskell supercollider3 graphs
hsc3, hosc, hmt, hps, hsc3-sf, hsharc, hsc3-unsafe, hls, hsc3-cairo, sc3-rdu, hsc3-db, hsc3-lang
darcs get http://rd.slavepianos.org/sw/hsc3-graphs [README,dir,log]
cabal install hsc3-graphs