#hsc3-db (sw-87)


hsc3-db provides Sound.SC3.UGen.DB.Data, a Haskell module that contains a database of SuperCollider unit generators.

The database is derived from the sclang run-time environment. To generate type:

$ sclang -l mk/config.yaml mk/mk.scd

The database is both partial and partially inaccurate, but is useful as a starting point.

There are functions to generate hsc3 bindings from the database at Sound.SC3.UGen.DB.Bindings.

© rohan drape, 2006–2014, gpl.

supercollider3 unit generator database
hsc3, hosc
darcs get http://rd.slavepianos.org/sw/hsc3-db [README,dir,log]
cabal install hsc3-db
sc3-rdu, hsc3-graphs, hdf, hsc3-lisp, hsc3-forth
sc3, hsc3-rec