#hosc (sw-78)

hosc - haskell open sound control

hosc provides Sound.OSC, a haskell module implementing a subset of the Open Sound Control byte protocol. hosc is required by the hsc3 haskell supercollider bindings.

There are a number of related projects:

© rohan drape, stefan kersten and others, 2006–2014, gpl. with contributions by:

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haskell open sound control
darcs get http://rd.slavepianos.org/sw/hosc [README,dir,log]
cabal install hosc
hsc3, hsc3-texts, wedding-sentences, the-center-is-between-us, sp-lepidopters, sp-aag, see-hearer-clearer, after-pim, of-dissociation, layers, astra-minute, astra-cage, lmj-18, guild-psaltery, as-saratan, another-mind, hsc3-auditor, another-in-another-dark, tctl, hsc3-db, sc3-rdu, hsc3-graphs, hdf, hsc3-lisp, hsc3-forth, hsc3-utils, hsc3-unsafe, hsc3-rw, hsc3-rec, hsc3-plot, hsc3-dot, hsc3-lang, hsc3-cairo, hosc-utils, hmeap-utils, sp-muma, img-osc, hsdif, hsc3-sf, hsc3-sf-hsndfile, hsc3-data, hosc-json
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